Things I’m up to just now

I’ve neglected you, and I’m sorry. Things have been busy over the last few weeks and I’ve been meaning to blog, but you know, life gets in the way. Have you been loving our summer weather in Glasgow? Boy it’s been hot! I’m not complaining though as I’m out in the garden at every opportunity, … Continue reading Things I’m up to just now

Penthouse with a view

Penthouses are for the rich and famous, right?Well, you might think that, but after my visit to Blythswood Square Hotel's newly launched penthouse, you might be scrabbling about trying to think of ways of using it. Up on the top floor (obviously) of the Blythswood Hotel in Glasgow, an overhaul to the penthouse, worth almost … Continue reading Penthouse with a view

Four things… I’m doing just now

The inside scoop of Laura Like most bloggers, I wonder why people are interested in me. I've come to the conclusion that you perhaps see a likeness, something you can relate to. Am I right? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to know why you follow or visit my blog! I don't … Continue reading Four things… I’m doing just now

Sunday breakfast goals

Sunday's require tasty and stunning breakfasts I once had Shakshuka at Partick Duck Club and I loved it! I love trying new things and I saw someone else eating it and thought, "I'd like a piece of that, please!". This morning I woke up and started thinking about what i wanted to do today, as … Continue reading Sunday breakfast goals

Burger and Bun, simples…

Today I ventured away from my desk for lunch after a busy morning working. I decided to try the new Burger and Bun in Bearsden. There's something satisfying about supporting local independent businesses. I chose Partick for my first Aura office for this very reason. The small part of the west end which was primarily … Continue reading Burger and Bun, simples…

Mindset and lifestyle choices

The choices you make should be a conscious decision I was at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday and I was disappointed as I was sure I was going to lose two pounds, but I put a pound on. Our coach, Cathy, whom I've known for a good few years now, was speaking about … Continue reading Mindset and lifestyle choices

Being on the telly – be prepared for live television

I'm on live television every couple of weeks It's like talking to your friends A couple of years ago I was asked to appear on STV 2's new programme, Live at Five. It's a magazine show, which talks about news, food, culture, events and things happening across Scotland. We even have cool bands performing. When … Continue reading Being on the telly – be prepared for live television

Skiing in Megève, France

A short skiing break in Megève was just what I needed The worst snow in my lifetime hit Scotland at the start of March and my biggest worry was "Will I get to the snow in France". Airports and roads were shut, I was snowed in for four days and my husband was stuck in London. … Continue reading Skiing in Megève, France

The Jaguar E-Pace – a compact and stylish SUV

Glasgow’s car dealerships are gathering at Hillington including the new Taggarts Jaguar I was lucky enough to borrow a Jaguar E-Pace from Taggarts Jaguar. The new purpose-built dealership is now at Hillington, where a collection of dealerships is steadily growing. From the new Jaguar and Volvo dealerships, to Audi which was the first to make … Continue reading The Jaguar E-Pace – a compact and stylish SUV