Four things… I’m doing just now

The inside scoop of Laura Like most bloggers, I wonder why people are interested in me. I've come to the conclusion that you perhaps see a likeness, something you can relate to. Am I right? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to know why you follow or visit my blog! I don't … Continue reading Four things… I’m doing just now

Sunday breakfast goals

Sunday's require tasty and stunning breakfasts I once had Shakshuka at Partick Duck Club and I loved it! I love trying new things and I saw someone else eating it and thought, "I'd like a piece of that, please!". This morning I woke up and started thinking about what i wanted to do today, as … Continue reading Sunday breakfast goals

Burger and Bun, simples…

Today I ventured away from my desk for lunch after a busy morning working. I decided to try the new Burger and Bun in Bearsden. There's something satisfying about supporting local independent businesses. I chose Partick for my first Aura office for this very reason. The small part of the west end which was primarily … Continue reading Burger and Bun, simples…

Mindset and lifestyle choices

The choices you make should be a conscious decision I was at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday and I was disappointed as I was sure I was going to lose two pounds, but I put a pound on. Our coach, Cathy, whom I've known for a good few years now, was speaking about … Continue reading Mindset and lifestyle choices

Being on the telly – be prepared for live television

I'm on live television every couple of weeks It's like talking to your friends A couple of years ago I was asked to appear on STV 2's new programme, Live at Five. It's a magazine show, which talks about news, food, culture, events and things happening across Scotland. We even have cool bands performing. When … Continue reading Being on the telly – be prepared for live television

Skiing in Megève, France

A short skiing break in Megève was just what I needed The worst snow in my lifetime hit Scotland at the start of March and my biggest worry was "Will I get to the snow in France". Airports and roads were shut, I was snowed in for four days and my husband was stuck in London. … Continue reading Skiing in Megève, France

The Jaguar E-Pace – a compact and stylish SUV

Glasgow’s car dealerships are gathering at Hillington including the new Taggarts Jaguar I was lucky enough to borrow a Jaguar E-Pace from Taggarts Jaguar. The new purpose-built dealership is now at Hillington, where a collection of dealerships is steadily growing. From the new Jaguar and Volvo dealerships, to Audi which was the first to make … Continue reading The Jaguar E-Pace – a compact and stylish SUV

Planning a short ski break in Europe

We've booked to go to Megève for four days in March and I can't wait. Planning a short ski break in Europe does a require a bit of thinking, as you want to maximise your time skiing and playing, not travelling! So, we've booked Megève, France. We've not been before! It's only about an hour … Continue reading Planning a short ski break in Europe

#Girlboss is a must read for go-getters

Sophia Amoruso's #Girlboss book is a New York Times bestseller and has its own Netflix series The hashtag #Girlboss used to annoy me as it seemed a little childish, but now I've read the book, I get it. Founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso is a force. She's a breath of fresh air. Her book … Continue reading #Girlboss is a must read for go-getters

A women’s car buying experience

Perceptions of the car sales experience for women uncovered I asked my online community 11 questions about their car sales experience and here’s what they said. I have owned eight cars (as far as I can remember) over my 20 years of driving. I can’t believe I’ve been driving for 20 years, that shows how … Continue reading A women’s car buying experience