IWD 2020

International Women's Day 2020 - 8 March Another International Women's Day and another opportunity to ask 'how far have we come with gender balance?'. Do we still need an International Women's Day? Sadly, yes. I work in public relations which has the oddest imbalance. On one hand, you have an industry predominantly female-led, but when … Continue reading IWD 2020

Things I’m up to just now

I’ve neglected you, and I’m sorry. Things have been busy over the last few weeks and I’ve been meaning to blog, but you know, life gets in the way. Have you been loving our summer weather in Glasgow? Boy it’s been hot! I’m not complaining though as I’m out in the garden at every opportunity, … Continue reading Things I’m up to just now

Top Glasgow remote working spots

Glasgow remote working spots Do you work by yourself? Remote working keeps getting better! I've got an office and I like it, but it's good to get out and about, meet other people and have a different environment to work in. I often search for Glasgow remote working cafes and bars so I'm taking in … Continue reading Top Glasgow remote working spots