Be Bold for Change

It's International Women's Day The theme this year is Be Bold for Change. You can follow the hashtag and see what people are up to. Last year on International Women's Day (IWD) I wrote a post on Pledge for Parity, helping women and girls achieve their ambitions. Since then, I've mentored a friend who has … Continue reading Be Bold for Change

The main challenge for independent PR practitioners

Last month I used a Facebook community to get some insight into the main challenge for independent and freelance PR practitioners 11 people participated in the discussion and several more confirmed thoughts by liking people's comments. This is what I found out: #1 Seeing media relations as the main part of a public relations strategy … Continue reading The main challenge for independent PR practitioners

Editing movies and defining PR

Defining PR or reframing it? Over the last week or so I've been editing movies from #PRFest. All of the individual speaker sessions, talking about PR, workflow, tools and most importantly PR as a management discipline. #PRFest was devised to help PR practitioners in Scotland get better at what they do. I invited specialists in … Continue reading Editing movies and defining PR