La Lanterna goes west

Another great Italian opens in Glasgow's west end One of Scotland's oldest and most respected Italian restaurants, La Lanterna, has opened a  new restaurant, La Lanterna West, on Great Western Road. Another place to take over an institution, La Lanterna West opened on the former site of La Parmagiana. Once a small, dark and intimate … Continue reading La Lanterna goes west

Review: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

I was excited to receive my first personal invitation to a blogger event, which took place last night. The Hilton Garden Inn launched a new menu in their new-look restaurant, Recess. Many moons ago, thankfully in a different life, I actually worked at that hotel when it was the City Inn. I even developed the … Continue reading Review: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

My top dog friendly hotels in Scotland

Looking for a dog friendly hotel in Scotland? When you have a four legged friend, there’s nothing better than being able to take them with you on a break. The only problem is, standards and prices vary significantly depending where you stay. In this post, I take a look at dog friendly hotels in Scotland. … Continue reading My top dog friendly hotels in Scotland

I turniped and enjoyed!

Turnip & Enjoy is always a place I've meant to dine at but until yesterday I've just driven past and forgotten about it. My friend Victoria is back from her 20 year stint in London and has left PR to go back into hospitality. We share many views and thoughts about food, restaurants and the … Continue reading I turniped and enjoyed!