Hello! It’s been a while since I wrote a new post for you. To be honest, I’ve kind of moved away from writing blogs and started recording podcasts. I’m sure you’ve seen those posts.

However, the podcasts have been about my work and my thinking in public relations, not personal activity. Today I’m feeling like I can now take some time to update you on where I’ve been for the last six months or so!

Like everyone else, I’ve been mostly at home and doing my garden and DIY projects, taking as much exercise as I can.


In November last year, my husband and I went to New York and had the most wonderful time. We went to all my favourite places and I took him to some of the best spots for views, walks and food.

In December we had Christmas at our house. It was the first Christmas without my step-Dad, so was a bit difficult for my Mum. However, we all had a nice time, a laugh and it was great to feed everyone and make some happy memories.

In January, we went to Dubai. It was amazing. We stayed at the beautiful Jumeirah al Naseem hotel, which is on the beach beside the Burj al Arab. It was when we were there, on day two, that the panic started, in our hotel, about Corona Virus. We’d heard of it in China before we left, but there was confirmation of it in Dubai.

We returned home and to my memory, I had a bad cold not long after. I put it down to jet lag…


Fast forward to the start of March and we had become acutely aware of what was happening in the UK and by mid March, I was publicly saying there should be a national lockdown. I remember trying to give my husband the heads up of what might be ahead, so he could prepare his business…

Thankfully, I know some people in high places and was getting some intelligence in advance.

Come 23 March, the UK was put into national lockdown and given only an hour a day to exercise/get outdoors.

I lost business immediately – mainly my event-based clients. All consumer. I was left with one retained client and I knew that with all the extra time I had on my hands, I could re-imagine what my offering would be to help businesses through the pandemic and help them re-imagine their own businesses. I spent most of my days hosting free webinars for SMEs, free networking events for my own industry, to bring people together, and a lot of time out with my dog, getting fresh air and clearing my head.

Fast forward to July and I picked up a fabulous new client based on my work through the spring, re-imaging their business and helping them re-ignite out of lockdown.

I launched my own private client division offering mentoring and development coaching for MDs, agency heads and anyone senior who needed guidance and support. The day of launch, I secured three clients.

Fast forward to November and by this point I’ve celebrated my 40th, quietly, launched two new businesses (more on that soon), and have managed to figure out a work-life balance which gives me what I need to earn money and feel like I have a life to live.


Boxing and kickboxing has been a lifesaver for my mental health. It was hard not having my classes or trainer during lockdown, but I did have my routines and a punch bag to make use of, so I can’t complain.

Now we’re back, non-contact, but using our 2mx2m pods, for bag work and I’ve learned a whole new side of training, by only using the bag. It’s helped my footwork immensely.


Christmas 2020 will be strange. I don’t think we’ll be allowed to have a ‘normal’ Christmas. It’s my niece’s first Christmas, though, and I’m excited to see her wee face on Christmas Day. I hope I am allowed to visit…


Who knows what 2021 will hold. We’ve been promised a vaccine by December 2020, but who knows how long that will take to roll out. Do I even want it?

I have plans for re-shaping my business and I’ve been working on an exciting side hustle, which is a passion and also could do rather well. For now, it’s something I’ll be developing in my spare time, until it’s ready to launch. I’ll give you a hint… it’s food orientated! 😉

What have you been up to? I trust you’re safe and well.

Until next time. Thanks for reading my blog. I promise I won’t leave it so long, next time. Please remember to subscribe if you’re interested in following my next moves!

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