Over the last week, I’ve talked to many friends who feel that their elderly family members are not quite understanding the severity of the current situation.

The guidelines issued by the government earlier this week are perhaps not straightforward enough?

I think this is partly due to the fact they read newspaper which provide sensationalised nonsense and they don’t read reliable sources, like NHS, WHO or gov.uk. Also, I’ve heard phrases like, they ‘went through the war and got out fine’, and sadly, some see my generation as ‘snowflakes’, so I was informed by my own Mum!

So, I thought it would be useful to pull some info from the official websites of gov.uk, NHS and WHO which makes what they can and can’t do more obvious.

I’ve designed a Coronavirus poster for you, which is specifically for explaining the situation and the ‘why‘, to older people and for anyone who is having a challenging time.

There is a front and back and depending on your situation, you may like to print or use one or both pages.

I’ve also included as images below in case you want to share on social media.

I’ve used facts from the official websites but of course, some of the data will change every day, so it’s best to refer to the official websites regularly.

This is of course a disclaimer as I am not a doctor or health professional or spokesperson. I simply want to try and help people in these challenging times.


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