Sometimes, especially when you work by yourself, you get demotivated. Yes, even someone as positive as me!

So, what do I do when that happens?

Firstly, I try and think of the root of the problem. Why am I feeling demotivated? There must be a reason? Do I need a break, is my work boring, am I not getting on with the client? Or, do I simply need to turn my attention to something super creative and more ‘fun’ for the rest of the day?

I generally always know what my problem is, so I’ll firstly try and fix it. If it’s a longer term challenge, then I’ll think of the solutions and start to put the wheels in motion, but I always like to turn on the creativity to get me out of the low mood.

So, here are my tips on things you can do, even for a short burst:

  1. Is it coming up to the time of month when your next email campaign is due? Get on it early!
  2. When was the last time you picked up a random conversation with someone on Twitter, or spent time commenting on posts on Instagram? These can be inspirational!
  3. Go for a walk in the nearest area of greenery – it’s calming and you’d be surprised how many ideas I get when I’m walking the dog
  4. Switch over onto the news websites and get a quick glimpse of what’s changed in the last few hours
  5. Have a look at your desk and see what admin things need done, so your desk is tidy – maybe pay the invoice you’ve left out, file the receipts, tidy away scraps and pens. I like to think a tidy desk leads to better productivity
  6. If you have a podcast show like me, link here to most recent interview, email a couple of people you’d be interested in interviewing and set up some fresh content ideas
  7. I’ve always got questions about stuff – personally and for business – why not set up some Twitter polls or an IG story with a poll, so you get some answers?
  8. Unfollow 20 people you’ve not even seen on Twitter or Instagram recently (and you’ve not missed so they are worth deleting)
  9. Quickly scan the industry events and training calendars and websites and see if there is anything worthwhile for you to book (I recommend PRFest 😉 – content marketing training session in a few weeks in Glasgow FYI!)
  10. and finally, if you’ve got a good network of like-minded people around you, contact them. Tell them how you’re feeling and get things off your chest. A problem shared is a problem halved! Trust me, it’s so worth having people you can speak to who understand.

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