Peace of mind when you’re out and pooch is home alone

I was so excited when Furbo’s PR company got in touch to ask if I’d review the dog camera. It’s actually something I looked at before, but didn’t take the plunge as it was a bit of an investment. In the interests of being transparent, the Furbo was gifted to me in return for a review post.

For those of you who know Eddie, you’ll know he’s not great at staying home alone. I’m lucky that I run my own business and Eddie can be with me most of the time.

After I confirmed I’d do the review, the Furbo arrived two days later! When I opened the box there was a nice unit, a lead to plug in, an instruction book and a bag of mini biscuits for Eddie, with a lovely note.

The set up was easy. I basically downloaded the app, plugged in the Furbo and then they synced via bluetooth. You can complete a profile of your dog on the app if you want 🙂 I’ve also just noticed Furbo has a video to help, although it’s not really necessary and doesn’t look exactly like the set up I did.

I put the biscuits in the top of the dispenser, easy peasy, and there is a guide to the size of biscuits it takes. I think it’s mainly so you don’t throw a handful of Jumbones at the dog at once, then they’d be criticised for over-feeding dogs! The dispenser throws out between 3 and 8.

The app is super simple. Open it up, click the camera image (it’s HD and has night vision), then it goes full screen. To throw some biscuits, press the middle biscuit button. The Furbo then makes a noise like a bird for a couple of seconds, then spits out the biscuits.

You can also speak to your pooch via the microphone button, bottom right – it’s two way.


This is the app and the buttons – super simple to use

I had a small problem at one point with the biscuits not firing out, but I emptied it and refilled. I wouldn’t want that to happen when I was out though – the special noise it makes basically says ‘get ready, biscuits coming your way matey’!

I have tested the Furbo over a number of days when I’ve left Eddie at home. The notifications pop up when he barks and you can go directly to the app from your home screen. He’s naturally been a bit wary of it and took a while to suss it out and trust it wasn’t there to attack him. I think over time he’ll probably use it as his go-to place to lie under, just to be there when the biscuits are fired!

I’d caveat using the Furbo by saying that this isn’t a tool to use to allow you to leave your dog all day every day in the house. Regular exercise is important so the dog isn’t bored! My main concern is people who get dogs and don’t plan on integrating them as part of the family. Dogs shouldn’t be left 5 days a week for 8-10 hours on their own.

The Furbo is a good way of communicating with the dog and treating it, but mainly to keep an eye on its welfare. Have you tried it? Would you consider it? It’s currently priced at £199 down from £249 via the Furbo website.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, if you’ve got a friend or family member who might like to know more about the Furbo, just use the sharing buttons to send them a link to my blog. If you’ve got any questions about the Furbo, ask away!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. More content being planned as I’ve been terrible at keeping up-to-date. I don’t know where this year has gone!

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