Hello! Where on earth has January run off to?!

It’s been a busy old month with a number of things on, mostly good, and I’m going to share what I’ve been doing and what’s coming up.

#New year new focus

I have finally found a new sport, which I absolutely love… boxing! Proper boxing, not boxercise. It’s amazing. I go to a ladies gym on a Thursday night and Saturday and train. I’ve got a great training partner, also called Laura, who is a student and she’s mean, lean and got a serious left hook!

I’ve done so many sports, since I was young. I was in all the teams imaginable at school – hockey, tennis, swimming, badminton, athletics… Swimming was always my ‘thing’, but when you get older, there’s something horrible about wet hair, pulling on clothes over damp skin and going outside in the freezing air and immediately catching a cold!

Boxing is just perfect. It’s high energy, gives me the importance heart rate increase, the technique and skill is about prediction, precision and being fast. A bit like Rocky – cue me chasing a live chicken around the garden lol.

#Tightening up at work

Last November i celebrated 10 years of my PR business, Aura. 18 years working in public relations and communication. I decided after my business plan review that I was going to tighten up on time, be leaner in my approach to work, using some nifty new tools and I was going to tell clients when they were close to going over their retainer, not just work on and hope it stopped soon…

That only comes with experience and confidence. Confidence in the work I do and the value I add to client’s businesses.

Today I was working on a presentation for a current client looking to ramp up the work I do. Lovely jovely. However, when I looked back at all the ideas I had generated for them and not used, there is a huge amount of quality just sitting there. It’s a bit of a waste but Im going to stock them for another client, to use one day.

Another prospective client invited me in before Christmas, seemingly urgently needing me to start their PR work. I met with them, a two-hour meeting, leaving with a good idea of what they’d like, but I’ve since gone back with further questions about the business and their customers, with different questions on two separate occasions, chased a number of times, and still don’t have what I need to complete the proposal! It’s so frustrating. The thing is, they may think I don’t need it, but I do! Data and insight informs strategy and I don’t write proposals without having set out the strategy.

Lesson? Sometimes you just have to let things go. I’ll chase them one last time…

#New brand

I’m so excited! I’ve been contacted by an amazing pet brand and they’ve asked me to review their product if they send me the product for free.

Firstly, their approach was spot on. They emailed me and said “Dear Laura, Dear Eddie…” They then went on to say they had “fallen in love with Eddie the poodle’. I mean, come on, I can’t say no after that!

So, i emailed them back this morning to confirm I’d love to go ahead and agreed what I’d do in return. They then said they want honest feedback, so I’m super pleased that such an authentic brand has approached me, especially one for my boy!

I’ll report back once I’ve received further info and the product.


I’ve booked to go skiing in March again! Remember i went to Megeve last year?

Its own lifestyle magazin

I’m not sure where we are going to stay, I looked at Megeve again but the nice places were all fully booked. I looked at Chamonix (one of my fav ski resorts), but we go there a lot, so we really should try somewhere new!

Any suggestions?! Please comment below!

#PRFest launched yesterday

After a couple of months of speaker pitches, planning the venue and setting up the event online, a quick spruce up of the website, 20 early bird tickets went live yesterday and four speakers were announced for PRFest 2019.

If you work in public relations, communication, internal comms or digital, this event is one not to miss this June!

I’m excited to develop some branded merchandise this year by way of thermo drinks cup! I’m hoping to cut down on the paper cups used – it’s ridiculous the amount used over two days.

#Where I’ve eaten recently

OK, firstly, I have a new client, Martha’s so of course I’ve eaten there and of course I’ll tell you it’s ace! The new salad meal deal is great value and keeps you fuller for longer. Oh and the new west end venue, 223 Byres Rd, is doggy friendly!

I had lunch at La Lanterna West at the weekend and it was ace, then I had lunch at Catch on Gibson Street yesterday, it was also ace!

No bad food or experiences of late, thankfully.

So, lots on as usual, always looking for the next opportunities in business and always looking to book the next holiday! lols.

What have you been up to? Need any recommendations? Drop me a comment below and I’ll impart my wisdom…

Thanks for reading my post. It’s actually not easy to remember what you’ve been doing and what’s on! Feel free to share and comment below if you’ve got any suggestions for topics you want me to cover off.

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