My husband booked us a table at the new Public House by Nico on Great Western Road.

The Public House, by Nico Simeone, opened just before Christmas. I’ve not heard any reviews or of people having dined there yet, so I was keen to give it a try. This particular part of Great Western Road has had a high turnover of restaurants, which is a shame, but it’s also been recently developed with new flats and more mini-markets.

We had an early dinner booked for Sunday night and I was looking forward to a Sunday roast, although when we enquired about the roast on arrival, we were told it stops at 5pm! Even if we had been there earlier, apparently the roasts ran out earlier in the day ūüė¶

I was pleased to see the menu split into small dishes and side orders. I love ordering a few things to eat! In some restaurants, like SO L.A, I would order a few starters, rather than a starter, main and side orders. The server advised that the dishes are a third of the size of a main course, so we should order around three plates each. Each section of the small plates menu e.g. fish,
and meat, would come out in that order.

The Public House by NicoI chose the haddock with minted mushy peas (£7.50) Рif this was a third of the size of a main course, the main course would have been a whale!

The beer batter was lovely and crispy, the fish, despite it being a Sunday, was fresh, flakey and white and the minted mushy peas were absolutely scrummy!

The Public House by NicoI also chose the curried coley with pilaf rice cake and a coconut sauce (¬£8). Once again, the fish was lovely and fresh, although coley is a bit firmer than haddock, but the sauce was sooooo good! The wilted veg under the fish and the rice cake helped me finish the sauce. I didn’t want to leave any!

The Public House by NicoThe third dish I chose was a gamble. Lamb faggot with hasselback potato and mint sauce. (¬£8.50) The faggots were quite big for a small plate. I’d say it was bigger than a starter size – two faggots would suffice. The meat was very succulent but it was a bit strong for my liking. I wanted to try them, but I wouldn’t order them again, purely not to my taste. The potato and the mint sauce was good though and broke up the strong flavour of the faggot.

The service was good. We didn’t feel overcrowded by everyone ask how everything is, or the opposite end of the spectrum when you have to wave at someone to get attention. It was a nice balance.

Our table was great. Right in front of the kitchen. It was good to see one of the chefs cleaning the kitchen (always confirms a place has good standards), two of the chefs were at the pass all the time, tasting food and plating up. I’d say if chefs are on show, they should always look pristine. One of the chefs had a crumpled t-shirt on and a dirty apron.

I was trying to take pictures of the bar area on my way out, but I felt like I was being monitored! Sadly I only got one picture of a lamp, which doesn’t do the bar area justice. It looks nice and homely with some tables and comfy checked¬†chairs, perhaps for a pre-dinner drink.

Overall, I’d give it 7 1/2 out of 10. I think the portions could be reduced slightly, the Sunday roast should be served at lunch and dinner (and shouldn’t run out), they should stock Irn Bru (or diet for me), and the chef(s) could do with ironing their clothes and putting on clean aprons.

I’d recommend you try it. Next time I’ll choose some different dishes from the menu.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review. Have you tried The Public House before? What did you think? Feel free to comment below and I’d appreciate if you shared¬†this¬†to your followers, so they can consider giving The Public House a try!

Public House by Nico, 333 Great Western Road, Glasgow

Owner, Nico Simeone Рalso of 111 by Nico and Six by Nico.

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