When I first saw the announcement of the XC40 I wondered if it would just be a V40 on steroids, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The car has a completely unique design and it’s a massive leap forward for Volvo. It’s also just won What Car? Car of the Year 2018!

I had the pleasure of borrowing the car from Taggarts Volvo, Glasgow, a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t asked for information on the model or colour of the car – I was rather disorganised if I’m honest. My Mum and Step Dad were moving house and I was more focussed on helping them. (I know, I’m normally the most organised person on the planet!)


After taking a copy of my driving license, I got the keys to my loan car and a really nice sales person, Brian, came out and offered to take me through the ins and outs of the car. I gratefully accepted!

The car was super shiny and had only done 1,500 miles. Black with a white roof, spec’d with 20 inch two-tone alloys and a fabulous red leather interior. This was the basic model but had the two upgrades. It was a 2 litre D3 Momentum (from £28,310) and All Wheel Drive. The R-Design is a little more pricey (from £30,160) and the Inscription is the top model (from £30,810).

To be fair, the Momentum (auto) has 150bhp and emissions are 134-131 g/km, so if you’re after the car but don’t want all the bells and whistles, it’s a nice machine, albeit, not the fastest.

The display system in the car works like an iPad, touch and swipe. Also, the voice system is wonderful. It means you can press one button and give instructions, so you’re not faffing about with the screen when you’re driving. I’d say what would annoy me, like in my own car, are the fingerprints on the screen and the gloss surround. I now keep a soft cloth in my car to wipe it, which I find myself doing regularly!

As always, safety is a huge focus for Volvo and what it’s built an incredible reputation for. That’s why my Mum has had Volvos most of her life. You can turn the safety features on and off as you like, so you’re customising the car for your own needs and wants.

As well as a million airbags around the cabin and seats, the seats are super comfy. The finish with stitching demonstrates the quality. I did wonder if the leather was from my former client, Bridge of Weir Leather, but after a quick search, they only supply for the XC90.

I’ve also just found this fabulous video on YouTube featuring Jamie from BoW Leather – give it a watch and you’ll see how important good quality leather is!


The model I had was surprisingly responsive. I hate the lag you get from automatics like Mercedes. It was super smooth, even when I took it for a drive through the bumpy back roads heading out towards Stirlingshire.

You all know I have an obsession with boots! My worry looking at the car (before I saw it in real life), was the boot would be small, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! The boot space was amazing – a whole 432 litres and extends to 1,308 with the seats down. Compared to my Tiguan, it’s rather small (mine has 615 litres of space) I then thought, hang on, there must be a small cabin in the back of the car then, but actually, if you look here, the driver seat is forward, the passenger back, and look at the difference. There is ample space in the back cabin, too.

The boot is still bigger than the Range Rover Evoque, which I’ve heard a number of people complain about.

I did like the way the doors have been designed – deep pockets (ideal for iPads and laptops etc), nice handles and a quality finish. Did I mention there was a bin in the front, fitted as part of the arm rest?! Also, there’s a hook on the glove box for attaching a bag, so it’s not sliding about the floor or seat (handy for a takeaway!).

It’s a small SUV but it’s a fabulous car, drives well and I think it’s more affordable than people may imagine. I know my Mum was interested in one, so I took it over to show her. She’s in love and has added it to her letter to Santa 😉 For me, I’d look for the larger wheels, a panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery and maybe the faster engine. But I’m not looking to change my car just yet!

When I was chatting to Brian at the start, he was saying the wait for one of these cars is months! I suggest if you’re interested, book a test drive and get your order in!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found the review of the XC40 valuable and if you’ve got any questions, just add a comment or send me a message. 

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