Have you been to Dakota Deluxe? It’s opposite the old police station at Pitt Street, with the entrance on West Regent Street.

It’s very typical of the Dakota brand. It’s a dark exterior, windows darkened by blinds and frosting but when you go in, there’s definitely a lux feeling.

Image credit: Dakota Deluxe. I LOVE the dog at reception. I thought it was real when I first saw it!

Dakota is brand designed and brought to life by entrepreneur and hotelier Ken McCulloch. He won “Very Special Achievement” award earlier in the year at the Scottish Style Awards. It’s no wonder. He first created Mal Maison and then went on to create the luxury hotel, One Devonshire Gardens.

Dakota Deluxe is slightly different though. It’s not the out-of-town hotel he created for the M8 Eurocentral or Queensferry, it’s city-centre and designed for city life.

Just after it opened, I went on a tour and more recently held a Christmas drinks event there for public relations people in Glasgow.

The champagne bar is quite private and an ideal place for pre-dinner drinks or after-work drinks on a Friday, or heck, Thursday. After all, Thursday is the new Friday!

The restaurant downstairs is my kind of place.

The atmosphere created by the elegant design and detail, all by Ken’s wife Amanda, is typical of a classic restaurant, not quite casual dining, but not too formal either.

We had a lovely banquette table in the far side of the restaurant. I always think banquettes are the best tables, because it makes you feel like you’re the only people there.

We went on Sunday for a family Sunday lunch. We were celebrating my anniversary, my Mum’s new house and upcoming birthday. Of course, we had to start with some Taittinger Rose!

There was an a la carte menu and a table d’hote menu available. Apparently the table d’hote changes every week – apart from the roast beef, that’s always on.

I thought I’d stick to the set menu as I liked everything on it!

Before you start, homemade, warm bread is served. I can’t remember what the accompaniment is called, but it’s basically soft goats cheese in a tomato sauce, then grilled. It was delicious.

To start I ordered spicy carrot soup with a coconut yoghurt. It was pretty fiery! I loved it and it’s actually something you could make at home. You know me, always making homemade soups and hearty meals over winter.

Then, of course, I ordered the roast beef. The portion size was amazing. There’s no way I could have fit in dessert! The beef came pink, with honey carrots and parsnips, roast potatoes, green beans, a Yorkshire pud, gravy and some horseradish. Then came the cauliflower cheese. Wow. My favourite Sunday meal.

The service was very efficient, friendly but not ‘over familiar’, knowledgeable (which is so important and yet so many restaurants let themselves down with poor staff training) and very accommodating.

As it turns out, a few tables along, the other side of my family were also dining! It was so nice to see them. We don’t often see that side of my family – after my Dad died, things kind of fizzled, I suppose. Still, we had a quick catch up and everyone was pleased to see each other.

There are also two (maybe three) private dinning rooms for special occasions or corporate dinners. This is one of them.

I’d definitely recommend heading into town for a Sunday lunch at Dakota Deluxe. Easy to park as it’s on the outskirts of the busy area, delicious food and a really nice atmosphere. The only thing I felt when I sat down at first, was the air-con was a wee bit too cold, but that’s a minor point.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of Sunday lunch at Dakota Deluxe. Please consider sharing it in case others find it interesting and want to check it out for themselves.


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