Have I ever told you that I love my job?!

I do. Even when I’ve been stressed beyond belief and even when I have to pay stupid money for VAT and Tax, I still love what I do.

Here are ten reasons I love my job:

I meet amazing people!
  1. I’m my own boss – that doesn’t mean slacking, in fact, it means I’m in charge of my future. I’m in charge of how successful I am
  2. I actually care about my clients. I develop long-term relationships with most of them and most of my clients refer me further business
  3. I love being innovative and no-one can tell me my wacky ideas suck. PRFest is testament to that. I used to always come up with ideas when I first started in PR, but my boss back then generally shot them down – just because they were mine and not hers (grrrrr).
  4. I love being able to work with other skilled people – areas where I have no expertise and they are just. awesome. The collaborative approach has worked so well since I became and independent practitioner
  5. No day is ever the same. Every day, generally speaking, is fun – I will never have a groundhog day.
  6. I love learning. I am now predicting skills I’ll need as ‘the future practitioner’, on top of what I already know. Learning new skills is exciting and I like to try and stay ahead of the competition. I recently announced a collaboration with PRFest and CodeClan, which will see PR practitioners learning to code, making them quicker and more effective at what we do. Here’s a post on my Aura blog about that.
  7. This one is easy – I can have Eddie (my doggo) with me every day!
  8. I have the best clients. Since I refreshed the brand last year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing businesses and organisations, and our values are aligned, which makes it more of a pleasure
  9. I feel like I’m really helping businesses realise their purpose, underline this and convey this to their audiences and stakeholders via two-way conversation. I love that clients get excited when I conduct research and we turn the insights into a strategy and they see results.
  10. I aspire to inspire people. I love seeing people use my ideas and words and feel they can achieve maximum impact.
CIPR HQ, London

In addition to that, I love the volunteering work I do at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). I’m a former Board Director, I sit on its Council (and have done so for a number of years), and I’ve recently been asked to Chair the Fellows’ Forum. Being a Fellow is an honour and part of that is to demonstrate best practice and to support the CIPR in its work.

Helping lead the industry and helping bring my ideas to a Chartered Institute, has given me confidence that I have the skills and knowledge to do great work, it’s broadened my network substantially and I’ve learned a lot, myself.

After this term, which ends in December, I won’t be standing for Council again. I hope to continue my role as Chair of the Fellows’ Forum however, as it’s only recently established and there’s much work to be done.

Not a lot of people really know what I do and the breadth of work I’m involved in. Only recently I had lunch with a fellow colleague and we were discussing some crisis communication work I was doing (not the crisis, but the strategy and management I was involved with) and he said he didn’t even know I was involved in that area of practice. That shows me I need to be doing better PR around my own business! That’s normally the case though, cobbler’s children and all that…

So, i hope I’ve managed to give you an insight into my work and how much I love what I do. If you’re considering a career in public relations I’d be happy to chat with you.

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