Hello lovelies! Hope you’re well and August is off to a great start?

Having said that, August has signalled the end of the Glasgow summer and we’re entering autumn with full force. Boo!

Today’s the first day I’ve had on a jumper for a long time. I got soaked this morning when I was out with Eddie for a walk. There’s a cold wind and it’s making me wish Dubai would hurry up and come around. Only eight weeks to go!

I bought some flowers for myself (as I frequently do) from Bloom & Wild. I just love the brand. The quality of the offering, the excellent customer service and the fact I can cut my own flowers and make my own display. What I also love is the fact that every time I buy from them, I get a confirmation email and there’s always an incentive discount of £5 to buy another bouquet or ‘letterbox flowers’ within seven days. So, of course, I more often than not always do! It’s always someone’s birthday or someone needs a reminder I’m thinking of them.

The flowers this time were so cheery that it doesn’t matter if it’s belting with rain outside, it’s bright and sunny inside!

Island hopping

Anyhoo, I was away for a few days in Guernsey last week and we went via Jersey, which was actually lovely. We had time for lunch on Jersey on the way there and breakfast on the way back. We stayed with our friends and their beautiful twin girls when we were there, and we ate, drank and even had a trip on a rib all jammed into the visit.

We had a beach day, which was amazing, as we never get the time here, to go to the beach. We picked up some food and had a BBQ dinner and by the time we got home, the twins were pooped!

Werk werk – it pays to work hard and know your strengths

When I got back, I started work with two new clients. So exciting! I’m still working on a big project for a UK property management company and it looks like there will be follow-on work too. So, work wise, it looks like I’ll be a busy bee for the rest of the year.

I’m also getting more interest from smaller brands and women in business, who need a little help and inspiration with their public relations and marketing. I offer a 1-2-1 phone or Skype brainstorming session, through Aura, which means they come with an agenda and we set out what we want to achieve for the 60 minutes or 90 minutes on the call and they leave feeling like they know exactly what they want to achieve and how they will go about doing it.

Sometimes, the calls result in the people I speak to, understanding that there comes a time when they need to outsource work they aren’t skilled in. My advice is around spending time and resource wisely. Why spend so much time (often wasted) doing things like PR and marketing yourself, when you’re not skilled in it, you don’t do it effectively and you’re having no impact? That should be outsourced. The same as things like design and photography. Not everyone can do their own creative work, so outsource it. It leaves you time to focus on what you need to – your service, product development, sales etc.

Octopus, Guernsey

Retail therapy

The sales are on in the shops, so I’ve been taking advantage! Because I’ve lost some weight, I needed new summer clothes and I only bought a limited amount earlier in the year because we don’t often get a proper summer up here in Scotland! But, I’m off to Dubai in October and need some nice gear for looking stylish (and being comfortable) whilst exploring and chilling.

I’m still body conscious as I’m no where near my goal weight, so I’ve not gone for anything skimpy, but I’ve bought a really flattering swimming costume from Next which sits really well on me (not in the sale). I also bought some key pieces which can be changed up to glam or casual, or change from tops and shorts/trousers with wedges or flats, to tops and skirts with heels.

I know it’s a wee while away, but I’m planning ahead as I have some really amazing things booked/planned when we’re there. It’s Mr. S’s big 4-0 so it needs to be special! In case he reads this, I’m not going to say what I’ve organised!

So, I’ve got eight weeks to lose some more weight, finalise what I’m packing and get some serious Aura work to get done.

When we come back from Dubai, it’ll definitely be autumn and shock horror, Christmas stuff will no doubt in the shops!

Year four of renovating the house

I’m also gearing up for another bit of interior reno with the master bedroom. When we moved in (four years ago), I changed the carpet and painted but that was it. I want to do a full renovation and rip everything out and have a blank canvas. We have zero storage in the room, so we’ll need to get our carpenter to have a think about how we can build some wardrobe space when he’s doing the rest of the wood work.

Which reminds me, I’ll need to get onto Pinterest to build more boards! You can follow me on there @laurafromaura!

I can hopefully get this done before Christmas 🙂

Anyway, this has been quite a long update post, but when I start writing, it just kind of flows out of me. More soon lovelies!

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