I’ve neglected you, and I’m sorry.

Things have been busy over the last few weeks and I’ve been meaning to blog, but you know, life gets in the way.

Have you been loving our summer weather in Glasgow? Boy it’s been hot! I’m not complaining though as I’m out in the garden at every opportunity, topping up the tan and stocking up on Vitamin D!

First off, my work has been crazy busy, in a good way. As you’ll know, I’m a Chartered PR practitioner and I work alone, bringing in additional skills and resources when I need to.

Werk werk werk…

I’ve been working on a big piece of stakeholder research which has meant working with my client to draw up the stakeholder list and prioritise them, in groups, drawing up the questions, then of course having them approved, then finding a platform which satisfied their security requirements, designing the survey online, coming up with templates for other survey responses and then carrying out the survey – with 64 people across the UK.

Some of the people did the survey online, some I met with face-to-face and others I did telephone surveys with.

After that, you have to analyse the data and start the agreed reporting procedures.

In addition to this work, as I rarely work only with one client at a time, I’ve been working with a UK-wide property management company, designing its crisis communication strategy and plan for all of its shopping centres.

This meant consultation with all shopping centre managers, PR and marketing people/agencies and then developing the strategy.Now I’m delivering training to all management across the UK, including the plan and media training.

I love work like this as it’s got a beginning, middle and end and there are clear outputs and results the clients expects. It’s very measurable.

Of course, it wouldn’t be summer if the West End Festival wasn’t on in Glasgow. It’s a month-long community festival which takes place in the leafy west end every June. I’ve worked with the Board of the festival for over seven years now! I develop the annual strategy then get to work creating content, working with the media, photography, social activity and where I can, introduce new people to the festival who maybe want to volunteer, sponsor or host their own event.

I love inventing new initiatives to help my industry

As well as the PR Festival I run, PRFest, I’ve launched a new initiative for PR practitioners, called PR Space. If you’re into PR and communication, marketing and social, you should check it out. I’m really excited about it as I’ve had 16 people from across the UK register already and one from the Netherlands!

Award win!

And some BIG news, I won “PR Consultant of the Year” Award at the PRCA Dare Awards just over a week ago! In the lead up to celebrating 10 years of running my own business, Aura, I am absolutely thrilled!

Hay fever anyone?

Personally, I’ve been struggling with bad hay fever (who isn’t?!) and I’ve had sinusitis, too. It’s kept me back a little but only from doing social things like going to too many events! It really did floor me for a couple of weeks.

I’ve also just had my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th (Golden) Wedding Anniversary lunch this weekend, which I helped organise. Hotel du Vin Glasgow was the location and we hired the Whisky Snug. It was fantastic! I ordered the steak tartare and then the lamb saddle and shank. We had copious amounts of wine and the chat around the table was hilarious, reminiscing about old times.

On the horizon

Coming up, my husband is away to the Silverstone Grand Prix this weekend (no, I’m not jealous at all…humph), he’s then off to Wimbledon on Wednesday, back Thursday, then we head off with our friends from Guernsey to Goodwood Festival of Speed on Thursday night, back Saturday and then we’re heading to a 40th on Saturday night. Oooft! Now you see why I was taking it easy!

Then the following Tuesday, we’re off to Gleneagles with our friends for a celebration dinner, as it’s Graham’s 40th, too. (All the boys are 40 this year).

Then we’re planning to visit our friends in Guernsey early August, as our husbands are off to France for a day for the Porsche Driving Experience.

I’m looking forward to a few days in Guernsey, seeing the gorgeous twins, having fun with our friends and chilling before August turns to September, then Christmas. I know! In PR land, we work from the end of summer on Christmas campaigns!

That’s about all for the moment. I do promise to be better at posting. You can check out my insta stories @laurafromaura as I do post there all the time.

Some tips in case you’re stuck for ideas

Books I’m reading: Brand Brilliance by the fab Fiona Humberstone and How to be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis (Founder of beauty brand Rodial)

Boxsets I’m watching: Madam Secretary and Shooter (new season)

New things I’ve tried: smoked aubergine puree (jury is out on that!)

Favourite food: Halloumi in pesto on the BBQ!

Geeky things: two new Insta stories apps to make my stories look more professional and styled

New things I’ve bought: clothes and shoes. Worth particular mention are the pink wedge espadrilles from M&S. So nice and so comfy I’ve also bought them in grey! They are suede leather

Over and out for another week my friends. Have a great week this week!

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