Penthouses are for the rich and famous, right?

Well, you might think that, but after my visit to Blythswood Square Hotel‘s newly launched penthouse, you might be scrabbling about trying to think of ways of using it.

Up on the top floor (obviously) of the Blythswood Hotel in Glasgow, an overhaul to the penthouse, worth almost £1million, has opened Glasgow’s city centre venue to more than just weekend breaks, corporate stays and a trip to the spa.

Photo credit: James Nayder

The penthouse comprises a private lift, two bedrooms, a large living (party) room, kitchen area with glass doors opening onto a private terrace.

Whilst the size of the penthouse is impressive, what I loved more was the attention to detail. The fixtures and fittings, the thickness and quality of the carpets, the marble and reclaimed wood flooring – the detail was spot on.

Last night we had the pleasure of using the entire penthouse. Exec Chef Zoltan Szabo had masterminded some treats for us (I was gutted to miss the dessert trolley Zoltan), including scallops cooked in their shells with a white wine cream, carrot, leek and celery sauce, cooked with a puff pastry seal. I had been talking to him right before the scallops arrived, so I was thrilled when Zoltan invited me over to be the first to try them. As you can see, they were large scallops!

Bathroom suite of the master room was like something out of a movie. Huge sunken bath, with lighting, products galore and right beside it a steam room!

The hotel’s General Manager, Murray Thomson, was telling me about the attention to detail in the rooms – Dyson hairdryer, GHDs and it wouldn’t be complete without a Tunnock’s Teacake!

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Photo credit: Derek Dunlop

We had a DJ entertaining us but as with most parties, I was in the kitchen or out on the terrace enjoying the sun and some good chat.

The Blythswood Hotel is now open for celebrity stays. Celebrities who value five star quality, city centre living and top privacy and security.

OK, so let’s get down to price. Prices start from £2,500 for one night for the penthouse. To a celeb that’s nothing.

For us general folk, it’s a little bit pricey for a weekend away! However, it’s got me thinking about how I can use it for my business events. £2,500 for exclusive use of the full space for one night is actually very reasonable.

Now, I’ll just need to figure out which one of my clients might like to do something fancy in Glasgow this summer…

Living wall on the terrace with a peek hole view of the Glasgow skyline

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