Today I ventured away from my desk for lunch after a busy morning working.

I decided to try the new Burger and Bun in Bearsden.

There’s something satisfying about supporting local independent businesses. I chose Partick for my first Aura office for this very reason. The small part of the west end which was primarily independent shops run by one person.

Burger and Bun Bearsden
Milngavie Road, Bearsden

Burger and Bun opened a few weeks and today I had the time to head down and taste what seemed to be a simple menu.

It used to be a place called The Library but from my previous experience, it’s no wonder it closed. It wasn’t the right product for the market. The staff also could have done with training.

I entered the new restaurant and it had been changed slightly but not drastically. A more relaxed feel for sure.

I was pleasantly greeted and sat down. I was the only person there so I chose a window seat.

I was dying to look at the menu. I think they’ve done an excellent job. From simple hot dogs to classic burgers, with lots of side orders to add on, not to mention some of the milkshakes and special fries, I was pleased they had stuck to quality and not quantity, although the proof is in the pudding!

I ordered a classic burger which had gem lettuce, tomato, house burger sauce, pickle and a brioche bun. Sounds delish, right?

I also ordered a side of house slaw and sweet potato fries. You could go crazy on the side orders! Things like pulled pork fries and halloumi fries! Salivating at the thought!

Anyway, my food arrived all diner-like, with red and white checked paper.

Boy, it was good. The burger was flame grilled and you can really taste the difference. Also the meat was quality. It wasn’t like eating grey cardboard.

The sweet potato fries were piping hot and had a lovely crisp outer, and soft inner. The slaw was OK  but I’m a bit picky about slaw. I like mine really crunchy, less dressing, more flavour.

For those three plates plus a soft drink, the bill was £15.50. I think that’s fairly reasonable. You could however go way OTT with side orders and they aren’t too cheap, ranging from £3 for fries to £6 for halloumi fries. (The dogs and burgers come on their own, so you have to add any sides on.)

The service was friendly and quick. Sometimes when a place is quiet, the service is terrible, but the team were on the ball and couldn’t have been more helpful. I even chatted to my server at the end as he recognised me from eating in the restaurant next door (also owned by the same people).

I’ve had a look at their website since I got back. Apparently burger and fries on a Monday is £5, they have a kids menu and there’s bit that says £1 burgers! Sadly, when I clicked on it, it says ‘page not found’.


Food – 5/5 Hot, tasty and a nice, simple menu

Service – 5/5 Efficient and friendly.

Atmosphere – 3.5/5 I think if it had been busier it would have had a better atmosphere. Three staff and only me felt a bit much

Interiors – 4/5 It’s not changed since The Library really but I still like it

Value – 4/5 I could maybe have got a burger and chips in the west end or town for less, but it was good to ‘go local’

Overall – 4.5/5 I had a tasty lunch. In and out. I’d recommend for a quick lunch or a weekend feast!

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