I’m on live television every couple of weeks

It’s like talking to your friends

A couple of years ago I was asked to appear on STV 2’s new programme, Live at Five. It’s a magazine show, which talks about news, food, culture, events and things happening across Scotland. We even have cool bands performing.

When I first went on the show, I was of course nervous. I didn’t feel I was briefed but maybe I was just doing what I do for clients, preparing them for every step of the way?!

Two guests appear on the show each day talking about ‘what caught your eye’, things in the news which are of interest. Nearly every day we cover transport and weather lol. We’re a bit obsessed with them in Scotland!

We’ve had interesting stories covering babies names, airport closures, healthy eating (or bad eating habits impacting on health), the Edinburgh International Festival and much more.

I blogged after my first show about getting ready and being prepared but I’ve done a lot more appearances since that post.

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Don’t be scared

I know it’s easy to say and even the last guest, Scottish model and recent NYC and Milan catwalk model Connor Newall, was nervous. I said “it’s like speaking to friends”. There are limited people in the studio and the two presenters asking questions really just want a chat.

I’m not really that aware people are at the other end of the camera.

As long as you’re prepared and have looked over the questions the presenters will ask, and have some good bullet points to remember and expand on, you’ll be fine!

What to take with you

Hollie always makes everyone feel at ease – she’s ace!

I always print out the stories and then highlight the key points made. I’m quite factual when I deliver the stories I’ve been given, and often throw in an opinion or other nugget if it’s relevant.

I also sometimes take my iPad with me, with the stories on them. It looks better than paper. Having said that, it’s all about what you feel comfortable with.

Looking the part

Remember how you look on television is how you will be remembered. Live at Five isn’t the sort of show where you’d wear a suit or go all out. You need to remember who the audience is.

I generally wear what I’d wear to work, but I’ll add a tonne of make-up and make sure my hair is right. Having said that, sometimes it goes wrong!

Last time, my curling tongs broke and I had to use heated rollers instead. This means I had a big hair-do and it didn’t make me feel comfortable. Short of washing and drying my hair again, which I didn’t have time to do, I had to roll with it!

Then there’s the top. We need to wear clip on microphones, so I now know not to wear tops where the neck is too high, I don’t wear necklaces which will likely hit off the mic and given you need to put the wire up or down your top, I wear something with ‘easy access’!

What do I get out of it?

Bob the Shetland Pony was one of my favourite guests!

Good question. Some have asked if I get business out of TV appearances and the answer is no. I don’t. I actually find it fun and as I work myself, it’s nice to be working with a team of people for a change.

It’s nice to see who’s on the couch and met them in the Green Room. I’ve met quite a few Scottish ‘celebs’ you know 😉

The guest chefs always do lovely food and the other guest I’m on with is generally a good laugh.

So, for two hours out of my day, it’s worth it!

Got any questions for me? Drop them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

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