Planning a short ski break in Europe

We’ve booked to go to Megève for four days in March and I can’t wait.

Planning a short ski break in Europe does a require a bit of thinking, as you want to maximise your time skiing and playing, not travelling!

So, we’ve booked Megève, France. We’ve not been before!

It’s only about an hour transfer from Geneva so we’re not spending hours driving around the mountains, we’re heading straight to the resort.

Megève is described as a boutique resort. The Guardian wrote about it last year and said: “Megève is in the south-east of France, near the Italian and Swiss borders, and emerged as a popular ski destination for the rich and famous in the 1920s. While the resort is still favoured by the affluent – it even has its own airport – a holiday here isn’t prohibitively expensive. Despite the relative size of both the town and the skiable area, it retains an old-fashioned charm and “hidden gem” status.”

Apparently it’s quite a quiet resort and there are no queues – yippee!

short ski break in europe
Image: M Hotel

The town itself has cobbled streets and there are a number of fabulous hotels to choose from. We’ve booked the M Hotel which looks amazing! It’s a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, so I’m expecting good things!

We were also looking at the ski maps to see what kind of runs they had locally. As we’re only there for four days, we’re not going to venture too far. Thankfully our hotel is based only a couple of minutes walk from the main chairlift.

There are a number of green, blue and red runs locally and with a short ski over, we can head over to neighbouring mountains and towns.

Megeve ski map

At the end of March there is a Jazz festival, sadly we’ll miss it, then there’s a dance festival in April. For a small resort, it’s great there is so much going on.

There are lots of options for Apres Ski and then for lunches and dinners there are some great authentic places to visit and even a multi-Michelin star restaurant to check out.

I’ll report back when we’ve been and keep an eye on my Insta from 5th March!


Packing for a short ski break isn’t much different from packing for a week. You still need all the kit and of course now, a helmet can take up quite a bit of room.

We’re going to hire boots and skis when we’re there to make it easy for ourselves.

Let’s be honest, how many outfits do you really wear when you’re away skiing? Let’s only pack the basics and if you’ve got access to a washing machine in your chalet, apartment or hotel, use it!

I’m quite good at taking what I need and no more. The usual problem for me is all the kit for my hair! It’s always so heavy and can take up space. So, as we’re staying in a 5 star hotel, I won’t be needing my hairdryer and all the shampoo and conditioners I lug about. I’ll use theirs. I’ll still need my GHDs though unless I go au naturale and have curly hair for a few days.

There’s nothing you can’t get when you’re there, so all you really need is your passport, tickets and money. Don’t stress and just enjoy the cheeky wee trip!

Thanks for reading my post, I hope it was useful. If you think others would like it, please share!

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