Gearing up for Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood is one event which we try and make every year

It’s been dubbed one of the best car events in the world, and rightly so.

2017 ticket

Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS) is now in it’s 25th year and from 12-15 July (188 days apparently), it will mark the occasion no doubt in more style than ever before.

June and July are my busiest months at Aura but I always make time for Goodwood, although yesterday, when discussing plans, I realised I was speaking at a PR conference in Newcastle, the day I’m supposed to head down to Goodwood. Never fear, I’ll make it work!

On the website, the theme is described as:

will celebrate the event’s 25th anniversary: “Festival of Speed – The Silver Jubilee”. The first Festival, in June 1993, redefined what a car event could be, and, in the years since, it has firmly established itself as the world’s greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture. Now, to mark the Silver Jubilee, the Duke of Richmond (formerly Lord March) will choose his 25 favourite moments from the first 25 events – personal highlights which, in very different ways, have been landmarks in the Festival’s history. These moments, and the cars and drivers which created them, will be cornerstones of this year’s event, alongside the usual gathering of extraordinary vehicles from the dawn of motoring to the present day and beyond.

Every year, there is a stunning central feature. Here’s one of my favourites from 2015. The one thing I love and most people appreciate about FoS is the attention to detail and indeed the openness of the event. Access to anyone who buys a ticket and can see some of the world’s most stunning cars, classic, new, racing, road, bikes and more.

Last year, my friend Claire and I agreed that the event was the best planned and the cleanest to-date. With over 200,000 people attending the four-day event, it requires meticulous planning to ensure the same level and quality of experience and I think it does it to the highest standard.

I was also really pleased to see the addition of better food stalls and a GIN SHACK! The choices of gin and accompaniments were fantastic.

  The entertainment is also a big part of the day, with a display from the Red Arrows, the big wheel, BMX park competition and lots more.

At the start line

However, the main element of FoS is “the Hillclimb”! With live commentary the hillclimb is over a mile of the March family’s driveway and all types of wonderful cars race at speed to beat the time. Here’s more about the hillclimb.

I remember the first year I went, around 12 years ago, we got burnt to a frazzle. Nearly every year since, we’ve had glorious weather. I have learned my lesson though. Looking good is essential, but wearing heels is just stupid! I also carry sun cream, blister pads, a small umbrella, hand sanitiser and a few other essentials. You’re there for the day and the car is parked a good hike away.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll post again about our plans closer to the time but as tickets are on sale now and it’s the special anniversary year, I wanted to get you excited now – just like I am!

Thanks for reading my post. This isn’t a sponsored post. If you think others would like to know about Goodwood please do share my post. Also, if you’ve got a favourite part of the FoS or another car event you think is worth checking out, leave a comment below. Thanks!


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