Happy New Year – here’s to a great year!

A dose of positivity and a clear plan will help get you off to a flying start

I’ve already read a number of blog posts this year, mostly saying how 2017 wasn’t a great year, for one reason or another; bereavement, health…

As I’m now in my mid-late 30’s I have to say that I’ve come to expect highs and lows from every year. That’s just life! It’s not always easy and no-one said life would be plain sailing, but your life is what you make of it.

2017-05-05 11.25.06
I’m terrified of heights! I know what you’re thinking :/

Before New Year, I sat and thought and what I wanted to achieve in 2018, from a personal point of view. This includes health, wealth, family and friends.

Noted some specific goals for 2018, ones I knew were both necessary and achievable.


#1 I want to get back to track with my healthy living plan, which includes Weight Watchers. I joined last February (1st) and lost a total of 22 1/2 pounds, which was I was really pleased with. My post here on 10,000 steps to healthy sums up  my views and approach to healthy living. I went to get weighed last Wednesday and over two weeks I had only put on 1/2 pound! Given I was eating and drinking, I thought that wasn’t bad. I’ve still been walking Eddie lots so I’ve been keeping my steps up!

#2 Do more automotive blogs. I love cars and my last post here reviewing the VW Tiguan SEL demonstrates where my passion came from. I’d love to do more blogs about cars from a female perspective. Watch this space!

#3 Plan my holidays. Since we bought our house three and a half years ago, our holidays have been around when work wasn’t happening in the house and when cash allowed. That’s fair game considering we are working hard to create our perfect home. This year however, I’d like to be able to plan ahead and ensure I get enough time off – not just at Christmas! It also means I can do some reviews and posts on my experiences away from home.

#4 Less house renovation work! We’ve put in a lot of graft since we bought the house and we’re getting there. I think if we plan one big thing for 2018, perhaps the kitchen or en-suite, we should be happy with that.

#5 Revamp my blog. I’d love to spend more time this year on my site, making it a bit more slick. As I’m not a full time blogger I’ll need to dedicate time to doing it. Any themes you’d recommend or anything specific you’d like to see on a new site?

#6 Inspire others. Im naturally a positive person and I often post positivity quotes on Instagram.  I don’t like seeing negativity but there is so much of it. I’d like to inspire others through my blog, my work and offer help and support to those who need it. I’d also like to continue inspiring my clients at Aura – it’s mutually beneficial.


So, I’ve set some simple and achievable goals for 2018. Have you? Do you need to chat about how to set your goals? Drop me a note if I can help.

Finally, thanks for continuing to read my posts. It’s refreshing to know people appreciate my experiences and care enough to follow. 

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