A short break in Chamonix, France

Chamonix is one of my favourite skiing destinations in the world…

Or at least the small amount I have visited!

I’ve always wanted to try the States for skiing, or maybe even Canada, but there are so many excellent places in Europe to try and the flight is much shorter (bonus!). Couple that with private transfers it makes for a luxurious start to a holiday.

This May, we decided to go on a short break and our friends fancied coming along too, with their fab little girl, Amber. We decided to go to Chamonix and as we were treating ourselves, we booked hotel l’heliopic, which sits at the bottom of Aguille du Midi – a peak which reaches 3842 metres and has the highest cable car in Europe. The hotel also has a spa and a very cool interior design style.

We’ve skied here a few times before and I love the restaurants, shops (it has a Chanel shop!), bars and people, so we thought we’d try a different season – without the snow.

Here are my recommendations for off season visits to Chamonix:

Thoroughly recommend hotel l’heliopic – amazing design, fantastic spa and perfectly located for gentle walking to and from restaurants, bars and things to do. The spa also has a gorgeous swimming pool and lounging area- I hung out on the swing chair most of the time!

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  • Definitely advise booking to go up Aguille du Midi – check out the weather we had in May and the unforgettable views

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  • Places to eat I can recommend – Munchie, Thai, La Case Valerio, Italian and La Calèche, French. Or if you fancy some informal snacky lunch, Poco Loco does amazing chicken burgers!

Now the really scary bit. Scared of heights but who’d have thought going down was almost as bad! We decided to get the mini train up to Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France, 7km long and 200m deep. We had to go up in the train and then get a cable car down into the glacier, then had to walk down SEE THROUGH STAIRS!!! Aaaarrghhhh!

When we got down it was fine but getting back up, wasn’t as much physically challenging, as mentally challenging. I ended up ploughing up on my own, taking it at my own pace, but trying not to stop to look anywhere. Seriously, having height freights is not good and actually, I think it’s dangerous. For me anyway. It’s like’s being drawn just fall! More on that in another post.

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Who doesn’t love a macaron?!

So, if you fancy an off-season trip, I’d recommend Chamonix. In May, you still get the snow and winter feeling when you go up to the mountains and down to the glacier, but you also get days when the sun is shining, it’s nice and warm and you can stroll around the shops and cafes.

Thanks for reading my blog. Any tips on where my next short break should be? Get in touch!

Feel free to share this post in case your friends and network might find it useful.

2 thoughts on “A short break in Chamonix, France

    1. It was! I had the duck (so did Stuart) and my husband had the lobster. I can’t remember what Annika had. Both were delicious. Highly recommend the thai fusion restaurant and there are so many others to explore. Some just great for tasty traditional food like raclette. There are also some hidden treasures up in the mountain but as we had the wee one with us, we couldn’t venture up the mountains at night!

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