Home styling for autumn

Home styling for seasons used to be an American thing

We like to dress for the season and not just our clothes!

I visited Ohio about 10 years ago and was surprised how crazy everyone was for dressing their homes and gardens for Halloween. It was like something from Keeping up with the Jones’.

Back in the UK we’re now getting more into the swing of changing our home styling for the seasons.

Two companies I came across on Instagram are perfect for fall/autumn, including Big Door Wreath Company and Blue Gray Gal.

Halloween Skull Door Wreath £38
Rose Gold Pumpkin and Skull Halloween Door Wreath £40

The thing I love about the Big Door Wreath Company products, is they are all synthetic, so you can use them over and over. I don’t mind paying £50 for a Christmas door wreath which is made from real fir and dried fruit and cones, but I think these ‘fake’ wreaths are very good value and I always love seeing the new ideas Ali comes up with. Follow @thebigdoorwreathcompany on Instagram.

Then, one of my latest finds, is @bluegraygalshop on Instagram. The accessories just look like serious quality and definitely not something I’ve seen anywhere else. They look amazing and of course can be stored for another year. They aren’t too cheap but if you can reuse them, I’d see that as an investment.

Modern Fall $82
Gold Lambskin from $33
Golden Fall $138


Hostess Sets $99

What’s nice about styling your home is that visitors think you’ve made an effort. It also gives you a sense of pride, making your home look stylish and welcoming.

Just like I do with any client work, I’m going to start planning my home styling, changing it for the seasons.

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