Home interiors shopping which doesn’t cost the earth

Home interiors shopping doesn’t need to cost the earth

I head out to high street stores to see what I can find for my new home office

home interiors

Three years ago, we moved from a two bedroom flat in the west end of Glasgow to a 1950’s bungalow in Bearsden.

When we were looking for a house, I was conscious we didn’t look at houses that needed too much work, I didn’t want to have mess for years and to have a bitty house.

We looked at two houses before finding the perfect house. I fell in love with it just from pictures online!

When we went to view it, I knew it needed cosmetic changes, nothing a bit of paper stripping and paint wouldn’t solve.

However, when we moved into the house and started to look at these cosmetic changes in more detail, we realised that the house really needed and deserved more than just a lick of paint.

On closer inspection, things like new wall sockets which had been fitted, were really badly done. There was expanding foam under the area where the wiring had been put in and they had just painted over it! No plastering for a nice finish. Also, all the sockets in the whole house were really low, and the skirting were really shallow as it was.

We took the decision to rip out every room and start from just the floor boards. New ceilings, new lighting, new plastering all over, new skirting, new flooring, new doors and surrounds… the job wasn’t going to be quick or cheap!

It’s worth the investment though. The rooms and spaces we have completed look like a different house. Modern, fresh, clean lines and finished to a high standard. I especially love my lounge.

I’ve always like home interiors and styling but I took it to a new level when I started on my own house!

I’d always wanted to shop in expensive shops for the most fabulous furniture and accessories, but on this journey, I realised I didn’t need to and actually, it would be a bit of a waste of money on some items.

This last month, I moved my office home! My little office in the west end was lovely but with the new parking restrictions and more working from client offices, there was no need for an office and it would save hundreds a month. No brainer!

So, the new home office is a work in progress. It’s taken me about 4 weeks to secure my preferred plasterer, who is coming in a week. My carpenter who has fitted all my gorgeous flooring was booked in as soon as he had slot, as he’s in high demand. The flooring is down, new skirting and door surround, and all the horrible wallpaper has been stripped.

In my anticipation of the new office being finished this month, I wanted to start thinking about how I wanted it to look and feel. What would make me creative and feel in a working environment but also be super stylish…

I decided to head to TK Maxx yesterday. I love TK Maxx, as it has everything you need and the stock changes regularly.

I also visited Dunelm when I was in the area. They occasionally have one or two items that are great quality and look amazing.

Here are some of my home interiors finds:

Metallic pony skin cushion – this will look perfect on my occasional leather chair in my office. This was £24.99 from TK Maxx. I think you’d pay in excess of £40 for this from a boutique store.

I hate a messy desk and this gorgeous desk tidy will come in handy for my Kate Spade pens (I bought them in New York and love them), and it’ll look great on my new white, floating desk. This was £12.99 from TK Maxx. You would probably pay £25 upwards from a fancy interiors shop.

These are actually brass candle sticks. Whilst I don’t want them in my new office, I loved that they look like the ones that my parents owned back in the 80’s (my Mum probably still has them!). I think they are classic, elegant and will look great in my dining room.

You can pay a fortune for hurricane lamps. I bought two from Laura Ashley for my lounge and they were around £50 each. There’s no need to pay £100 for two! This one, above, is from Dunelm and was circa £25 – half the price!

This bar stool was also at Dunelm and I was surprised to find such a funky piece of furniture in there. Sorry, Dunelm! It was £56 and would look great at a kitchen island or breakfast bar. We’ve not touched our kitchen yet, so I’ll refrain from buying anything for that until we decide what we’re doing with it!

So you see, despite what I originally wanted to do, do the clever thing and buy at a sensible price. There are loads of options for great quality interiors products from the likes of TK Maxx or Dunelm.

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