Epoch Glasgow launch

I was invited to the new Epoch restaurant in Princes Square, Glasgow.

EpochBack in the day, the venue used to be the popular Buzzy Wares. I used to frequent it when I was younger. It was a good place to go to for drinks on a Saturday before a club or hangover food at the weekend!

EpochEpoch has completely transformed the space though. It’s much bigger-looking and a lot brighter.

The venture of a husband and wife team, now living in Milngavie, Kerry and Alistair Prow, comes from years of experience and a lot of hard work to get the perfect location and team.

I was introduced to Kerry on arrival and she was talking about how the team,  in particular the kitchen team, all came from contacts and having previously worked with chefs over the years. A very good position to be in considering how difficult it is to get a great kitchen team.

There were Epoch cocktails on arrival, a wine tasting and delicious bites being served. I ran into another food blogger “Eat out with Perrie”, so chatted to her and her friend for a while.

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The DJ was on the decks and the interiors were stylish and a bit different for a restaurant.

As I was leaving I bumped into my old college lecturer, Gordon MacIntyre, who is now head of hospitality at the City of Glasgow College. We caught up about how he was doing and I randomly knew his daughter, who was with him. She works in Epicures and has served me many times, but I didn’t know who she was!

Glasgow is a small place indeed!


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