Review: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow

I was excited to receive my first personal invitation to a blogger event, which took place last night.

The Hilton Garden Inn launched a new menu in their new-look restaurant, Recess.

Many moons ago, thankfully in a different life, I actually worked at that hotel when it was the City Inn. I even developed the marketing plan for the City Cafe and it was rolled out across the group.

Anyway, the new restaurant looked great and I was pleased to meet some food bloggers I already know, through my own PR business.

The weather had cleared up thankfully, it had been rotten during the day. The biggest asset to Recess is the huge glass windows looking onto the River Clyde and the terrace area outside. Great location on a sunny day!

Stephen, the Head Chef, came out to explain the menu to us, saying it was created from simple food everyone liked and served to a high quality.

On the menu there was grilled chicken thighs, goan curry, club sandwich, salads, fish goujon sandwich, steaks and lamb cassoulet. Quite a variety.

To start, we were told we would all sample the starters as sharing plates, which was quite a nice way to do it and broke the ice for those of us who hadn’t met before.

We then ordered our own main courses – I ordered the fish goujons, as they had run out of the goan curry. I hadn’t quite read the menu properly though, so hadn’t realised it was a ciabatta sandwich!

Here’s a selection of our starters:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall the standard was great, with the homemade Scotch egg and brown sauce being a favourite. The ploughman’s board was delicious too, as I love ham hock terrine, piccalilli and beetroot!

The pork crackling was really tasty but I was worried it was going to break a crown, so I left them, although the apple sauce which accompanied it was amazing (I love my sauces!).

By this point, everyone had had a glass of prosecco, or two, and some were moving onto wine and beers. I had decided to drive so was drinking soda and lime! Wish I’d left the car and joined in, though!

The main courses arrived and because I hadn’t realised I had ordered the ciabatta sandwich, I was a bit disappointed, but that’s my own fault. I was drooling over the thought of the goan curry and had to quickly decide on something else, but lesson learned about reading the menu properly.

 As you’ll know, I’m still on a bit of a weight loss journey, well a big lifestyle change actually, so I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t eat the ciabatta and the coleslaw. I ate the two pieces of fish, squirted with lime, and a few chips. To be fair, the starters were so filling there wasn’t a massive amount of room for the main course anyway! The fish was nothing to rave about, it was hot as tasty.

We then went onto dessert and there was a tasting plate, per person of three desserts!! Argh, how will my ‘diet’ cope?!

 A mini treacle tart, a mini sticky toffee pudding and an Eton mess. I was delighted to find a surprise cherry and some raspberries at the bottom of the Eton mess! Alas, I didn’t eat the whole dessert as it was quite a lot and I was conscious of the calorific mouthfuls!

On the whole, the service was good, food good and it was a nice destination. I think because it’s close to the city centre and has its own carpark, it’s a big plus. Also, if it’s a nice day, someone like me could work from the terrace area, take advantage of the wifi and order some snackage to keep my brain powered.

I’d definitely go back and I’ll certainly not eat as much next time!

With thanks to Hilton Garden Inn for the invitation and complimentary meal.

Thanks for reading my post. If you liked it and found it useful, others might too, so please share!

Late addition to the post! Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow has sent me the latest offers – take a look and see if you fancy anything.

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