Top Glasgow remote working spots

Glasgow remote working spots

Do you work by yourself? Remote working keeps getting better!

I’ve got an office and I like it, but it’s good to get out and about, meet other people and have a different environment to work in. I often search for Glasgow remote working cafes and bars so I’m taking in different environments.

Depending on what mood you’re in, Glasgow has loads of great places to work from. A list of what’s required:

  • free wifi
  • charging point
  • good coffee
  • snacks menu
  • good transport links/parking
  • natural daylight

glasgow remote working

Here are my top Glasgow remote working spots, to get me out of the office and get my creative juices flowing.

#1 Blythswood Hotel

It’s in a central location but it’s just that wee bit out of the centre that you don’t get caught in traffic or with buskers!

The parking outside is great, you can always get a space.

The coffee is expensive. It’s something like £4.95 for a latte and it’s not even a ‘wow’ coffee. If you’re staying for a while, order a large bottle of sparkling water to keep you going.

I often have meetings here and try and do them back to back.

#2 Hotel du Vin

Hotel du Vin is in the west end and I love going there to sit in the bar and have coffee meetings or if it’s nice, sit outside in house no.3’s garden.

Again, it’s not the cheapest place, but it’s close to my office, free parking, dog friendly, and the surroundings are really lovely. The staff are always on form, too.

#3 Stravaigin

My favourite thing to do it take Eddie to Stravaigin, order breakfast and get some work done. It’s in a different part of the west end to my office but it’s got good coffee, nice friendly staff and if you’re lucky, you can get parked on the main road.

The menu is very good and as they are dog friendly, Eddie makes himself at home.

#4 Tinderbox Ingram Street

I often meet one of my clients here as it’s handy for me to come into town via the Royal Infirmary (not a stop off, don’t worry, just a route) and she is coming from Edinburgh, so just walks across from the station.

I can normally get parked outside which is handy.

Apart from a great selection of coffees, cakes and snacks, Tinderbox has charging points, comfy seating (or ‘hard’ seats) and it’s a nice space to get on with some work. I often bump into people I know there.

#5 Delizique

Just two streets away from my office, Delizique sits next to Cafezique. It’s own homemade breads, great breakfast and dining menu, the seating is a bit random, but it’s a good place to pitch up with your laptop and get on with some work, whilst the west end bustles on with its day.

I refer to this venue as my second office. I’m in Delizique and Cafezique most weeks.

#6 Doocot Cafe, The Lighthouse

Having worked with The Lighthouse for 4 years, the Doocot has been a regular place to work from since the start.

Loads of natural light, plus points, free wifi, nice simple menu and all the views you could want, it’s a great central location to meet other people or to simply to get some work done.

Other places to check out:

  • Penny Blacks, Great Western Road
  • Caffe Nero, Hope Street
  • Caffe Parma, Handland Road
  • Seb & Mili, Finnieston
  • Kelvingrove Cafe, Finnieston
  • Avenue Coffee, Byres Road
  • Starbucks, Buchanan Street

If you’ve got a favourite place to work from, pop it in the comments below. It’s great to have a list of possibilities.

Please share this with your friends and network as some people might find it useful.

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