Take two! The Larder

As promised I’m writing about my second trip to The Larder.

Read my last post here.

I had booked to go back with my friend Tracey who had been with me last month. It was a Friday night, so we had anticipated a couple of glasses of wine and a good natter after a hard week at work!

We were greeted with a warm welcome by the manager, who had served us last time. We had the same nice booth table! Plenty of space for food and drinks and phones!

2017-04-07 19.30.52We kicked off with a glass of prossecco of course.

The menu was the same as the last time, so I wanted to try something new. Still being on a diet I was trying to think of the healthiest thing to order!

I choose salt and pepper calamari to start followed by a medium cooked rib-eye steak, with a side salad. It came with chips, too! 😉

Tracey chose prawn cocktail and then the special, chicken balmoral.

I loved the music – it was background, but loud enough I could tune in and out when I heard a cool tune. That makes a massive difference to the dining experience. When I was a Restaurant Manager I personally picked the music for the ‘shift’ and I attended to music levels as the restaurant got busier or quieter. It sets the tone, I feel.

2017-04-07 19.33.11We had sparkling water for the table and I ordered a large glass of the house merlot.
Tracey was driving so she ordered a dc!

Calamari can be a hit or a miss, particularly if the chef doesn’t know how to cook it. On this occasion I was delighted that the chef did know how to cook it and it tasted amazing! The portion size was generous and it came with a little dressed salad.

2017-04-07 19.57.52My rib-eye steak was equally as tasty. It was a lovely tender piece of meat, cooked exactly how I like it, plus the mushrooms, homemade chips and side salad were super accompaniments. I asked for some Arran mustard (my absolute fav!) instead of the peppercorn sauce.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our food and I loved the merlot too.

Disappointingly the toilets were still not in use so I had to once again use the disabled toilet – it still needs that mirror! I realise operational things happen but toilets are right at the top of a diner’s experience. Since I was a child, I’ve always visited the loo to judge! Just ask my Mum lol.

2017-04-07 21.25.38All in all, the experience was much improved and I was impressed with the service once again. If anything, it could have done with being a little busier to give a Friday night feeling.

Thanks to the larder for having us back and giving us an awesome night! We’ll be back again soon

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