Chelsea Market – review

My husband invited me for lunch on Saturday after he’d been in town shopping

He called to see where I was at, as I had been dog walking with a friend in the morning. I had already been home and had a shower to recover from the downpour we got caught in. I was soaked right through!

We decided to go to Chelsea Market – I hadn’t been for lunch before, so we wanted to give it a try.

Chelsea Market Glasgow a la carte menuI started off by ordering a soda and lime whilst I was waiting for Gregor to arrive, no doubt laiden with shopping bags! What I didn’t realise was, they had squeezed about two whole fresh limes into the glass, so when I took a big glug, I was surprised at the zing! I asked for them to add a bit of lime cordial in, to sweeten it a bit, as my eyes had started to water! The server quickly did this for me.

The menu was the a la carte and they have it on all day every day. They also have a table d’hote which is on during the week.

As I’m still eating healthily (or trying to), so I ordered two small fish plates – the scallops and the langoustines.Chelsea Market Glasgow - scallops

Gregor ordered the CM Burger.

The scallops were absolutely delish! The fennel and blood orange really stood up with a fresh and slightly sweet flavour to compliment the scallops. The scallops were very nicely cooked. Still soft but they had a nice bit of colour on the outside.

The langoustines were quite small and there were six, halved and grilled with garlic, butter and parsley. The butter thankfully melts and tends to not stick to the langos, so they weren’t smothered in butter, so thumbs up for flavour and healthiness! They meat was lovely but maybe just not enough!

Gregor’s burger looked great, it had everything you’d want in it, from nice cheese to leaves and my favourite, a pickled gherkin.

The chips were hot, well seasoned and the size of the overall dish was just right. There was no ‘man vs burger’ contest that day.

As always, Gregor likes to dine and go. Thankfully I had time to take in the surroundings on this lovely spring sunny day, when the light was streaming in the windows.

I like the decor. I like the environment it and the people create. They’ve used natural materials like stone, metal and leather as the finishes, with greens and dark woods. There’s a diner-like feel to the place but the food certainly is better quality.

The staff, too, were all very helpful and were on the ball when it came to ordering more drinks and offering condiments.

When we asked for the bill, it arrived, and shortly followed by the card machine. A sign of a team who know when to follow through and finish the guest experience as it started. Attentive and friendly.

We’ll certainly be back, perhaps next time for dinner to try the table d’hote. I believe it finishes at 7pm through the week, but if we’re in and ordered by 6.30pm after work, that’ll work fine.


Food – 3.5/5 Perhaps the weekend menu could have some more informal dishes on it during the day

Service – 4/5

Atmosphere – 4/5 It was a nice atmosphere but could have being a bit more unique e.g. their own taste in music etc.

Interiors – 4/5 Loved the interior but the booth seats were quite close to the table.

Value – It was £40 for two of us, but my two small plates were £20 in total, so I’d say it was worth it.

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