I turniped and enjoyed!

Turnip & Enjoy is always a place I’ve meant to dine at but until yesterday I’ve just driven past and forgotten about it.

My friend Victoria is back from her 20 year stint in London and has left PR to go back into hospitality. We share many views and thoughts about food, restaurants and the quality hospitality operations should be achieving.

We booked through 5pm.co.uk to dine at Turnip & Enjoy and I immediately got a message to say they knew who I was! How funny! As it turns out, I know the son of the guy who owns it. It’s a family run restaurant.

Anyway, it was wet and windy last night and I took 10 minutes to find a parking space. Great Western Road isn’t the easiest place to park!

I went in to the restaurant as Victoria was waiting for me and she’d already made a start with a glass of wine! Our server came over and I ordered a glass of house Merlot. There was already a nice chilled bottle of tap water on the table.

Before we looked at the menu, we had a quick blether about our days and Victoria’s new job.

turnip & enjoyI looked around and noticed a very charming interior – not what you’d imagine from the outside. Guilt mirrors, well polished, open sandstone walls, ornate and nicely painted cornice, fabulous chandelier lights and a nice wee bar front which backed onto the kitchen.

As we had booked through 5pm, we didn’t look at the tasting menu, we went straight to the A la Carte, which was of course individually priced, but our offer was £25pp including a glass of wine.

There were all sorts of delights on the menu from rabbit and corned beef, to cod, veal and lamb rump.

Being on a health kick,  I chose what I thought was the healthiest – Mac Duff corned beef, followed by Almondine crusted cod.

Victoria ordered Blue Murder Mousse followed by Shitake Haggis Croustillant.

My starter was amazing! The warmth of the hashed scotch egg, with the sharpness of the pickled shallot, mustard and cornichon, with the coldness of the corned beef just complimented each other from start to finish. It was a really decent sized portion too.

Victoria’s Blue Murder Mousse looked great, not my kind of dish, but the texture of the mousse with the crunch of the honey baked walnut granola and sharpness of the pickled pear once again would have been well balanced and it was also a really good sized portion. I’m liking their generous approach to dishes!

For my main course I had the cod. Cod isn’t my favourite fish but I knew it was the healthiest option on the menu. (That’s dedication for you!) It came with a langoustine oil, crab potato salad and seaweed. I didn’t see any seaweed, unless it was the pak choi looking leaves under my fish, and the langoustine oil wasn’t what I expected, but the overall dish was very well presented and tasted fantastic. I left some of the potatoes as they were deeply saturated in the oil and I didn’t want to throw my whole diet out of the window.

Our server offered us dessert but by then we were tired after busy days working and we just wanted a nice tea/coffee to finish it off.

The whole experience was fantastic and I’d recommend the restaurant to anyone who is looking for somewhere nice to eat, somewhere different. As you’ll see from the menu and pictures, there is time and effort spent on developing the menu (we were informed it was just launched on Wednesday) plus there is a nice variety of different meats and fish.

Our service was faultless, apart from when we were waiting to pay, and as always is the case where ever you go, the service kind of drops off as soon as you get the bill. The server was lovely and could answer any of our questions which is always a sign of good staff training.

I’ll be back, for sure, next time without the car and to try some new things from the new menu!


Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Atmosphere – 4.5/5 Fantastic music choice and a cosy environment

Interiors – 3/5 The toilet could maybe be improved with better tile finishes, nicer handsoap and a better hand drier or nice towels

Value – It was £50 for two of us and I’d say it was worth it.



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