Going local in Bearsden

The Larder Bearsden review

I moved to Bearsden, Glasgow, over two and a half years ago and I’ve always loved ‘going local’. Buying local, shopping local and eating out local!

I was invited to go along to the launch of a new menu at The Larder in Bearsden on Sunday. My friend Tracey was also invited, so we headed there together to try out some of the complimentary delights!

The Larder BearsdenI had previously been to The Larder when it served ‘small plates’. I’d describe it as Scottish tapas. The food was a very high quality, service was attentive but the price was a bit high for a local eatery.

The new menu consists of full plates and a bit more mainstream dishes, such as fish and chips, fajitas and a Sunday roast. The website describes it as ‘internationally and seasonally inspired’. There was no price indication on the menu we had, but when I looked up the full menu on the website, starters were around £6, mains from £8.95-£17.95 and £3 ish.

We were greeted nicely at the front door by our friend Kimberly who has been handling the coordination of the launch activity. Briony who used to work at Yelp Glasgow was also there and kindly showed us to our table. A comfy booth for two of us.

We ordered a bellini to start us off! It came with peach schnapps rather than peach puree, but it still tasted nice.

Tracey (or ‘T’) wasn’t aware that the restaurant had already been open for a year. It’s owned by the R Group which also owns Garvies, Milngavie. I wasn’t so concerned about ‘reviewing’ the interiors as I had been before, but the nice leather booths and the funky LED lights hanging are nice features.


T ordered the Sunday roast beef and I ordered the chicken fajitas. T loved her beef but was disappointed there was no Yorkshire pudding. To me, a homemade Yorkshire pudding makes the dish – plus I love a dollop of hot horseradish on the side!

There was a hiccup with my main course, I won’t go into details, but the staff handled the situation well and things were sorted quickly. That’s a big thumbs up from me. Handling a customer issue quickly and offering understanding and another opportunity to experience the restaurant at another time, is professional and made me leave liking the attitude of the manager.

Local competition

The restaurant hopes to become less formal and be a place where people can pop in for a coffee and cake. It has cafe competitors like newbies Grace and Favour and Rose and Grants, plus long-established Cafe Creme within 50-100 yards. Competition is stiff in Bearsden, as there are also restaurants such as Ashoka, Massimo’s and The Den within a stones-throw.

Having said that, The Larder is bright, airy and offers something a bit different. The service is definitely better than Grace and Favour, which on the many times I’ve visited has always been terribly slow.

I guess it’ll find its feet in time, as any venue does. Kimberly said they had great feedback from the menu tasting, and I’ve seen loads of Instagram posts about other people’s enjoyable experiences, so hopefully the word will spread.


We both had some feedback about the food and we’ve given it to the restaurant in the hope they can make some tweaks. We left a good tip for the waiting staff as they were faultless.

A wee point I’d add. Fresh food is what people expect now and the website says they source fresh, local produce. Perhaps the menu could spell out its commitment to fresh, locally sourced produce? It’s nice to know where your food comes from and it reinforces the effort put into each dish.

All in all, and remember I come from a hospitality background and eat out a lot, so I tend to be picky, The Larder was a nice lunch out with a friend and I’ll be going back. Next time neither of us will be driving! The restaurant has said it welcomed the feedback and will take it all on board.

It’s not quite made it onto my top 10 restaurants in Glasgow but you never know, as it’s local, it may become my regular! I’ll be sure to report back after my next visit.


Food – I’ll leave this blank until my next visit

Service – 4/5

Atmosphere – 3/5 Maybe turn the music up a bit?

Interiors – 3/5 The toilet lets it down

Value – I’ll leave this blank as it was a complimentary tasting

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