What it’s like being on television

For nearly a year, I’ve appeared on STV Glasgow’s Live at Five programme, talking about what’s caught my eye in the news.

There’s always a female and male guest and we are generally from a PR/media background. I’ve been on with a good few other guests, but they tend to match the guests similarly each time.

On the day of appearing, STV sends us a few items which have made the news that day, there’s generally always one about the weather and one about transport! lol

Preparation is key. The first time I went on I didn’t know what to expect and what the routine was, but after a year I think I’ve nailed it, but I’m still always learning.

It’s live TV so you need to be prepared!

  1. Always research the stories and think of the value to the viewer. Pick out a few key points from each and write them down
  2. If there are any nuggets you can add, then note that down too. Perhaps linking to something else in the news
  3. I take my notes in with me now, on small post-it notes. It doesn’t always help though! So knowing the key points to make is much better
  4. Always know what you’re going to wear. Something bright tends to work, but nothing too crazy! Hair should always be nicely styled and make-up ‘firmly’ applied! You need to remember a mic needs to go up your top!
  5. Add a bit of personality into it. At first I wasn’t sure how much personality could be included, but I often have a laugh to make the session lighter
  6. Always acknowledge the other guest and presenters – you’re all part of the conversation and think of the viewers watching. Last night I came home to a very funny new piece on Channel 4, where one presenter went onto close the other presenter and the show and funny glances were exchanged. Awkward!
  7. Don’t swear or say anything kids can’t hear!
  8. Be quiet when you’re not on camera and put your phone on flight mode

Last night’s guests were Horse McDonald, who was launching a new play, a guy who built a guitar out of 30,000 match sticks and a girl who had been casted alongside David Tennent in a new programme. Last time I was on I met Xfactor’s Emily Middlemass who was in supporting a local charity. There are always interesting characters on, so it’s nice we can sit at the kitchen table and watch!

We get perks too! There’s always a guest chef and last night Vic from Mono was cooking a veggie mac ‘n’ cheese. It was yummy, although I could only eat a few pieces as I’m on my heath kick!

Here are a selection of pictures from the my time on STV.

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