CIPR Council Election – my campaign

Today the CIPR has announced 17 candidates standing for CIPR Council 2017 & 2018.

I am one of those candidates and am seeking your no.1 vote to be re-elected.

I wanted to film a short video explaining the role of CIPR Council and how I fit in. Click below to view.

#PRFest is just one example of how I go about solving problems and pushing ahead. I’m a thinker and a do-er. I don’t believe challenges should hold anyone or anything back. I believe challenges can be turned into opportunities!

Here’s my candidate statement which can also be viewed on the CIPR site here:

I’m Laura Sutherland and I run Aura PR, an independent PR business, based in Glasgow. I’m a Fellow of the CIPR and a Chartered Practitioner.

Having served as a CIPR volunteer for the last few years, as CIPR Scotland committee member, Vice Chair and Chair, CIPR Council and CIPR Board Director, I am keen to continue to volunteer as a Council member in 2017-18.

It’s essential that the CIPR is a member-driven organisation and I see my role as joining up the dots, ensuring the Institute consults the membership and delivers a real value to public relations and CIPR members.

I have contributed to the discussions and debates, seeking to look at issues and challenges, as well as opportunities, from a different perspective. The push for professionalism is essential in my view and I’d like to continue helping public relations move forward as a strategic management function, not just a tactical division.

Of course, I have a passion for Scotland and I am keen to continue to represent members in Scotland, too. Through the Independence Referendum and Brexit I have often been used as a bridge between the CIPR and Scottish members.

I was recently asked to join the Board of the Scottish Communicators’ Forum, a network set up primarily for public sector practitioners, but I’ll be helping develop the strategy which will also bridge the gap between public and private sectors.

In 2016 I started an ambitious project, which will see the communication improve internally and amongst the CIPR volunteers, extending to the wider membership. The project will involve three priority areas for the CIPR and volunteers. 1. Mapping out a volunteer’s journey, identifying key milestones – an opportunity for volunteers to be recognised and thanked. 2. A volunteer induction pack which will set out who, where, what, when, why and how. We need volunteers to feel informed, valued and their work with the CIPR and vice versa. 3. The world’s first and only social network developed for public relations – allowing volunteers, the CIPR and members, learn, share, collaborate, network and importantly have a two-way conversation.

In addition, Jason Mackenzie has also asked me to be part of a CIPR membership drive during his term as President and being part of Council will be important in order to engage Council in such an initiative.

I hope that my contributions and value to CIPR Council will be recognised and as such, you will vote for me, so I can carry on helping make a difference.

Voting starts next Monday (12th September). If you’ve got any questions I’d be delighted to hear from you. Click here to email me.

Remember, voting is best when you give your first choice in voting – there are 17 candidates this year, so it’s more important than ever. Please give me first choice vote so I can continue the work I’ve already started.

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